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Self discovery is the process of discovering ‘who we really are’. It is a gradual process that occurs when we inquire into the subconscious beliefs and feel into the repressed emotions that underlie our insecurities, deficiencies and reactive behaviours – the parts of us that we repressed during our childhood whenever things were too overwhelming – mentally, emotionally or energetically.

Self discovery occurs naturally as we gradually free ourselves from all the things we are not. The more we experientially realise ‘what we are not’, the more we can experience ‘who we really are’. The word “experientially” is key because we must explore the inner world of our consciousness experientially (i.e. fully feel it), not just mentally think about it. We must feel ‘now’ what we didn’t have the capacity to feel ‘back then’ in our childhood.

Thoughts, emotions and feelings are supposed to be short-lived; they naturally dissolve once their message has been seen, heard or felt. But the intensity of some thoughts, emotions and feelings can be too much for a child’s undeveloped consciousness to handle. When this happens, we repress the part of us that was overwhelmed, in order to protect the rest of our system. Each of us has hundreds of these ‘parts’ buried deep within our subconscious. They may be out of sight and out of mind, but they still heavily influence our thoughts, emotions, behaviours and sense of self.

If we want freedom from these ‘negative’ subconscious influences we need to bring them up into the light of our conscious awareness and fully feel ‘now’ what we didn’t have the capacity to fully feel ‘back then’. Our adult consciousness is bigger and more developed than it was in childhood, so we easily have the capacity to experience and ‘digest’ the things that overwhelmed us back then. And fully experiencing those ‘parts’ – seeing, hearing and feeling their messages is all that is required to free ourselves from their ‘negative’ influence. Because once the message has been delivered, it can dissolve, and the part of us (piece of our soul) that carried it can re-integrate back into the wholeness of our being. This is often the most wonderful part of the process as we get to experience the peace, love and bliss of our soul – our true nature and our natural state.

Venturing deep into your consciousness to seek out these overwhelmed parts, and consciously experience what you have been actively avoiding for decades may feel a bit scary, and it is difficult to do without the compassionate presence and supportive guidance of an experienced self discovery coach. So I created the Self Discovery website to help people like you to explore the inner world of your consciousness and gradually free yourself from the subconscious influences that are causing you so much unnecessary suffering. The added benefits of this new-found psychological freedom also brings more peace, happiness, fulfilment, resilience, balance and spiritual connectedness.

Please continue to explore this website to discover more about yourself through Self Discovery. I particularly recommend the Blog Articles page, which contains a growing range of interesting and informative articles about Self Discovery, Consciousness, Human Nature, Wellbeing, Personal Development, Spiritual Awakening, Self Realisation, Non-Duality, Enlightenment, the Nature of Reality and the Meaning of Life.

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Who am I, really?


How can I accept myself for who I am?


Is there a deeper meaning to life?


How can I find peace & happiness?

Questions like these often lie in our hearts, unanswered for many years as we go about our daily lives. But sooner or later they come into our awareness and can leave us feeling lost and directionless. it is as if something is missing from our life and we yearn to experience something more, something deeper, something real. Self Discovery can help us to find that missing something – not in the outside world (where we usually look), but deep within the heart of our being.

Discovering who we are is a journey – perhaps the most exciting and adventurous journey we can ever take, deep into the heart of our being. Knowing ourself more fully allows us to find the life, career and relationships that are right for us. It allows us to realise true meaning and purpose in life. It empowers us to live our life more fully and be all that we can be. But most importantly, it gives us the freedom to be our wonderfully unique self.

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Discovering who we are begins with something as simple as conscious awareness. Something that requires absolutely zero effort. Something that occurs naturally when we simply stop and sense into our bodily experience of the present moment. It brings a new depth and dimension of experience, that is so often missing from our busy lives. 

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Conscious awareness is the first step to uncovering our false, distorted and limiting (usually subconscious) beliefs. It is the first step to discovering why we get triggered by certain people and situations. It is the first step to rediscovering who we truly are and realising why we are here.

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Exploring our consciousness in this way, helps us to find peace, happiness and meaning in our lives. It also helps us to develop freedom from our self-limiting beliefs and behaviours and rediscover our true nature. Regular self inquiry with an experienced guide can help us to re-discover, deepen and embody these new ways of being.

A New Approach is Required

Our old strategies to achieve happiness and fulfilment have not really delivered. So we need to try something new – not just a different goal or strategy, but a completely new approach. One which involves letting go of all ideas and opinions about how things should be and starting afresh, with a truly open mind.

Change is natural. Our lives are continually unfolding, transforming and changing, whether we like it or not. The problem isn’t that we’re opposed to change, it’s that we only want it if it happens our way. This limits our chances of success and, more importantly, limits what life can bring us.

Setting a goal limits us to only one possibility for success and countless possibilities for failure, whereas dropping all goals opens us up to unlimited possibilities. So we have a much better chance of “success” if we don’t set a specific goal and don’t become invested in a specific outcome.

Change is a natural movement – it’s not something we can truly direct or control. We can’t change what life sends our way, and if it differs from our hopes and expectations, we feel bad.

Self Discovery is the Way Forward

Peace, happiness and fulfilment are our natural state, but so often our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours keep us from experiencing them. I am talking about inherent peace, happiness and fulfilment; qualities that are intrinsic to our soul’s essence. These “essential” qualities are not dependant on particular temporary circumstances, such as winning something, getting a new car or relaxing on a sunny beach. In order to rediscover our essence and our natural state, we need to get out of the way and stop interfering. When we allow life to unfold naturally, it feels fresh, dynamic, engaging, and change occurs naturally.

Self Discovery is about exploring the inner world of our consciousness to discover, understand and liberate ourselves from the emotional and psychological patterns that keep us in our un-natural state of suffering. Progressively working our way through our deep subconscious patterns not only frees us from them, it also reconnects us with our true nature and our natural state. So we naturally become more integrated, balanced, whole, complete, peaceful, happy, fulfilled and many other essential qualities.

I am not implying that life becomes a bed of roses, but this kind of deep “inner work” helps us to develop resilience, tolerance and acceptance, so we are better able to deal with life’s challenges. And in doing so, we learn from direct experience that our wellbeing is not reliant on favourable external circumstances. It is an ongoing journey of gentle transformation, but noticeable results can be had after only a few sessions.

Self Discovery can help you to:

  • Find peace, happiness, meaning and fulfilment in your life, simply by exploring the inner world of your consciousness.

  • Develop presence and awareness to rediscover your true nature and free yourself from your limiting patterns.

  • Live more in the present moment, instead of worrying about the future or regretting the past.

  • Become more grounded, balanced, resilient and less reactive.

  • Cultivate a greater sense of self-worth to truly accept, value and love yourself.

  • Learn to engage with life on a deeper, more fulfilling level.

  • Identify your personality type and understand your limiting beliefs, emotional reactions and default patterns of behaviour.

  • Discover how your personal history (childhood) deeply imprints your soul and still profoundly influences who you are today.

  • Shine the light of awareness deep into your consciousness to reintegrate the repressed aspects of your being.

  • Experience and awaken to the spiritual realms of consciousness.

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Healing the Soul

Our soul has an in-built coping mechanism to repress the overwhelm, so that we can carry on with our lives. A piece of our soul withdraws from the distressing experience, carrying the distress away to a place deep within us (or in extreme circumstances, outside of our body) where it can no longer overwhelm us.

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False Beliefs

The biggest false belief that we hold onto is that we are our ego-self, but we also have a primary belief that shapes our fundamental approach to life, and a collection of core beliefs that influence our different strategies for life. Discovering these false beliefs is the key to liberating ourselves from the ego’s narcissistic, controlling and fear-based strategies.

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The Benefits of Radical Acceptance

When our experience is uncomfortable or painful, our usual strategy is to try to push it away, resist it, reject it, or numb it with something like alcohol, drugs or over-eating. Our avoidance strategies may bring a temporary sense of relief, but avoiding the underlying issue actually increases and prolongs our suffering.

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