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Self Discovery Coach

Lee Bladon – Self Discovery Coach

Hi, my name is Lee and I want to begin by saying thanks for visiting my website today!
As a self discovery coach, personal development coach and spiritual growth coach, I work with people (usually via Skype) who are searching for something deeper and more meaningful in their lives. Regular people, like you, who are bored with their ordinary lives and are looking for something more…

  • People who are tired of the mundane, the superficial and the materialistic.
  • People who want to free themselves from the psychological patterns that continue to hold them back.
  • People who want to know who they truly are and embrace their wonderful uniqueness.
  • People who want to awaken to a more soul-centred way of living and being in the world.
  • People who have had some kind of spiritual awakening and want to take things further.
Lee Bladon - Self Discovery Coach

My Personal Journey of Self Discovery

My search for meaning and truth began in 2000, when I realised that life was shallow and empty without some deeper meaning or higher purpose. I wanted to know that purpose, so I began reading hundreds of spiritual and psychological books in the hope of finding some answers. After several years of intense research I had a comprehensive intellectual understanding, which resulted in my first book, The Science of Spirituality…

But the deeper meaning was still lacking from my life… Because intellectual knowledge may have satisfied my mind but it didn’t satisfy my soul. So having reached the limits of mental consciousness and external seeking, I turned my attention inwards and began to investigate the inner world of my soul’s experiential consciousness. I quickly started to experience the depth and fulfilment that was previously lacking. Several years later, I had developed an extensive experiential understanding of psycho-spiritual development, which resulted in my second book, Awakening to Wholeness.

My ongoing inner search for the truth has given me countless psychological insights, profound realisations, spiritual awakenings, and direct experience of my true nature. The truth of “who we are” cannot be known, mentally – it has to be experienced, directly. Mental ideas of “who we are” are insubstantial, but our true nature, our essence, is palpable. The peace, joy, meaning and fulfilment that we all seek are intrinsic qualities of our true nature, but most people have lost contact with them. The good news is that we aren’t actually lacking anything – everything we seek is already within us, just waiting to be re-discovered. And this is what Self Discovery Coaching can help you with, as we embark on an experiential journey of self discovery together.

The Science of Spirituality

A ground-breaking book that integrates science, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and religion into a unified system that describes the multi-dimensional nature of man and the universe. It explains the science behind some religious, spiritual and new-age belief systems, and sheds light on some common misconceptions. Please click on the book image for further details…

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Awakening To Wholeness

A practical guidebook for psychological healing, personal development & spiritual growth. It describes a two-fold path of awakening that combines psychological and spiritual development. Psychology is concerned with the personal aspects of our being (i.e. body, emotions, mind & ego-self), and spirituality is concerned with the transpersonal aspects of our being (i.e. soul & true-Self).

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My Approach

My approach draws upon many influences, but The Enneagram, FocusingSelf-Inquiry  are the mainstays. 1 to 1 Sessions can be at whatever level or depth you are require:

  1. Practical Level: Exploring and developing practical solutions for the issues that are challenging you in your daily life.
  2. Psychological Level: A deeper exploration of the mental, emotional and instinctual patterns that underlie your issues.
  3. Soul Level: Discovering your unique essence and exploring the spiritual realms of consciousness.

My Influences

Some of the many sources I have learned from include:
The Diamond Approach (A.H. Almaas)
Henry Laurency (Esoteric Author)
Rupert Spira (Non-Duality Teacher)
Focusing (Ann Weiser Cornell)
Enneagram (Beatrice Chestnut)
Psychosynthesis (Roberto Assagioli)
Heart Becoming (Thessa Sophia)
Internal Family Systems (Dick Schwartz)
Hakomi (Ron Kurtz)
To all these people I offer my sincere thanks. But my biggest thanks go to “Life” – the greatest teacher of them all.

My Training & Qualifications

  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Coaching
  • Experienced Diamond Approach Student
  • Inner Relationship Focusing
  • Internal Family Systems – Levels 1 & 2
  • Hakomi – Levels 1 & 2
  • Psychosynthesis Fundamentals
  • Unique Self Coaching
  • Religious & Spiritual Problems Course
  • Various Enneagram Workshops
  • Various Human Givens Workshops
  • William Emerson Workshop
  • The Hoffman Process

Self Discovery skype coaching can help you to:

  • Find peace, happiness, meaning and fulfilment in your life.
  • Free yourself from your limiting patterns.
  • Become more grounded, balanced, resilient and less reactive.
  • Learn to accept yourself for who you are.
  • Live more in the present moment, instead of worrying about the future or regretting the past.
  • Rediscover your true nature and awaken to the spiritual realms of consciousness.

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